Maternity shoot ❤

I wanted to share a pic here that shows more of myself, I’m super proud of this pregnancy and myself to be honest, I’ve been really trying to eat well, with lots of failed days but all in all a balanced lifestyle has helped me feel good about myself at a stage where I’ve been gaining a lot of weight, for a beautiful reason of course! In Kenya it’s very common for everyone around you to keep feeding you because you are “eating for 2”, especially your aunties and grandmothers, they want to make sure you’ve eaten 5 plates of food, it’s been a journey, I’m almost at the due date and feeling great!!! I shared a similar picture on my previous post saying “it’s very scary posting this kind of pic up because let’s face it, I’m in Kenya where you got to be more ‘conservative’ than say if I was still living in the Netherlands I wouldn’t even think twice! But If this was a bikini it would be fine, right?” ” It’s so liberating to have a shoot where your tummy sticking out is a beautiful thing and your not trying to suck in all your ‘flaws’, I felt amazing.
I want to say a big thank you to @lyraaoko for taking these amazing pictures of me and making me feel so comfortable and beautiful during the whole process! @wacukathimba for making me look and feel flawless with her stunning makeup! @doubledeeske for gifting me with pieces from their beautiful and very comfortable nursing line! and last but not least my sister Katarina for coming over at late hours of the day to do my hair and make sure I feel beautiful 😘 It took a village 😂”



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