What’s this all about? Why Mama O?

I received a wonderful message from a young lady suggesting that I should write a daily journal of my life as a mother, she wrote;

“you should start a daily journal of life as a mother at your age and in this particular generation. I think It’ll help many of us who want to get kids early.Especially, due to the fact that, getting a kid when you were young then (our parents), is definitely not the same as now…It’s would be so encouraging to read. I think it’ll be so entertaining. The experiences you’re going through. Just small side notes. I would LOVE to read it.”

I have also been getting so much support and help from a lot of people on instagram regarding being a mum (@HealthymeHappyme) that I thought this was actually a brilliant idea. I could document everything and the best part being that Olive will be able to read all of this when she is older!

Im not going to be writing long blog posts, Im not a writer (please excuse my english, grammar, vocabulary, everything!!), nor do I feel like I have that much to say everyday, that will be interesting at least, I will however be writing short little blurbs about things that happen during the day, or my thoughts, or may just post a picture or video, who really knows, Let’s just see how this goes!


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