Mosquito fight

Wayne and I have these play fights all the time about who loves Olive more, who the better parent is etc, all fun and games. So… last night Olive and I fell asleep next to each other and she happened to have been bitten by a mosquito, Wayne witnessed this happening, reached over and killed the mosquito but was a little too late to stop the bite, now he has real ammo against me, he brings this up all the time and will apparently never let me forget it 🙈🙈😂😂  (again, this is all fun and games, in case anyone thinks he’s really upset, he isn’t!) 

Even though I know we’re joking around, I actually feel so irresponsible that I let this happen, I mean with things like malaria, you’ve got to be careful! You can’t be lazy with things! All I had to do was put her in her crib and put her mosquito net on but nooo I thought I’d just fall asleep too.

I’m feeling a bit better now because I’ve realised some things are out of my control, she is fine right now, I will live and learn and I won’t cry over spilt milk! 
Mosquioto bite featuring Ducky the protector!


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