Foot prints 👣

I finally got some foot and hand prints done, I wanted to do it as soon as she was born because her feet were just so tiny, I mean they still are but they have already grown so much, either way they are just so precious that I wanted to keep a print forever, perhaps even keep doing prints every year. 

My message to you mamas (and Papas) out there is; don’t be lazy!! It’s so easy not to do things that you had planned because your (understandably) tired but you get one chance, they grow so quickly so do all the things you wanted to do before it’s too late and you regret not having done them ✌



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  1. Shiro says:

    Hi mama Olive,
    Thinking of doing this with my son. What kind of paint did you use and where can one get it?


    1. Hey Shiro, I got face paint for kids from text book centre at the hub 🙂 it was lots of fun and I’m so happy I did it 😊


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