Hospital Runs 😵

Oh God! I’m sorry to use the Lord’s name in vain but I don’t think there is a stronger way if putting how I feel! We’ve just gotten back from the all night pharmacy at Karen hospital having had to buy some medicine for Olive’s gas, Wayne driving as fast as possible to avoid Bandits but at the same time having to be careful because Olive was in the car and because none of the bumps are marked…#TIA! Her gas is so bad that she is really crying in pain and we can even see & hear it sort of coming from her belly button! We almost committed insurance fraud too trying to get that medicine on Wayne’s insurance #Hustlers🙈 Any way we have the medicine and are waiting for her to wake up so we can give it to her, really praying and hoping this goes away and she’s not in pain anymore!

It’s just terrifying being a parent, constantly worried about every little thing that happens to Olive, every little Mark, discoloration, anything she puts in their mouth or that goes on her skin, every breath that sounds different, every new sound she makes, the list is honestly endless, THANK GOD for my peadiatrician Dr.Farida (at the hub, Karen), I am constantly on the phone with her or whatsapping her with every single query I have to which she is always happy to help, I wouldn’t be able to do this with out her! 

Mamas and Papas out there, if there is one piece of advice a new mama can give you is to get yourself an amazing paediatrician like mine, she honestly makes all the difference in the world, and enables me to sleep at Night!



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