All smiles 😊

Olive has began smiling, (smiling because she’s happy, not neonatal smiling) and it’s about the cutest thing in the world!!!!! On saturday I ran into a  family friend of ours that I have not seen in a while, Marcus Ngugi, and let me tell you, my little girl could not wipe her very gummy grin off her face, I could have sworn she was flirting! She even had my my sister a.k.a Le godmother catching feelings, demanding Olive (a nearly 7 week old) to explain herself talking about “why don’t you smile like that at me??!!!”. It’s funny what a baby can do to people, have them acting so out of character.  For my giggly baby girl and Marcus, it looks like it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As for the jealous auntie and Marcus, well, you just better watch your back there M.

Look at my family acting all happy lovey dovey rolling about the grass around my baby girl. What you don’t know is that these pictures were not taken in the privacy and comfort of my own garden, but actually smack bang in the middle of the Muthaiga country club quad. A realisation that occurred to my dad as he quickly leapt to his feet, explaining “i’ve had a drink or 2” as he greeted a good old friend of his fathers that was strolling on by. But even so, we soon again dismissed all formalities, falling to the ground giggling about like my little chirpy baby Olive. I’ll say it again, its funny how babies have this way of bringing people out of character.


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