Domestics 🙅

As much as we women try to deny it, we are very dramatic souls, there comes those times when we just need to make our point across to our significant others that this (insert problem here) won’t fly! 

But with a new born in hand, domestics have become a much more complex situation! Now ladies, you know that pivotal moment where you’ve reached the end of your line, and all you want to do is storm out of the room in a fit of rage to complete the dramatic effect?? Well…lets just say that mine has become a little bit more complicated.

Let me lay it out for you;

1-storm out of room in fit of rage

2-storm back into said room to grab baby

3- begin to pack babys bag, complete with diapers, cream, clothes, blankets, little kit containing the thermometer etc and don’t forget the moses basket and car seat!

5- go back to your partner to calmly explain where you and OUR baby are going, because after all, she is OUR child, not only mine, but OURS and both parties need to know where she is at all times! So forget that “mysterious disappearance”

6- repeat step 3; our baby can’t have anything less because of my rage 

6- and FINALLY, with whatever dramatic flare you’ve managed to maintain throughout this 30 minute protocol, continue to attempt “dramatic exit” out of the vicinity.

I need to seriously re design my dramatic exits!!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. 16MORE says:

    Mama O, you write so well, keep it up girl, and go you!


    1. Thank you very much 😊😊


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