Hit & Run

On our way back from hospital after taking Olive for some tests at Aga Khan hospital because my poor baby had a fever and colic like pains, we witnessed some idiot driving down the road past us at an insane speed, proceeded to hit a car at the round about only to speed off without a mili second of hesitation. Poor guy who had been hit almost crashed into another car and didn’t even have time to get the other guys details, we tried to get the number plate but couldn’t. This scared me so much, my whole body felt on edge, not only can this happen to anyone at anytime but what if he had his kids with him etc? This really hit me hard emotionally. NEVER SHALL I EVER let Olive be in a car without being in her car seat. I won’t lie, there are times I’ve held her instead of putting her in the car seat but this really put things into perspective for me, you never think you would be the one in an accident but these things are out of your control!

NEVER AGAIN will I let my laziness & over confidence get in the way of Olives safety, EVER!!


P.s Olive is just fine, slightly elevated CRP levels but all seems ok. She is such a trooper, I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks and Olive has been by my side through it all, what’s needed is some good R&R. Also, I just have to mention what an amazing guy/dad Wayne is, carrying 1001 bags full of equipment, baby clothes, women’s hand bag, his bag, the stroller & car seat all over the hospital, arranging everything, being so supportive of me as I sat there and had a little breakdown and most importantly just making 100% sure Olive is okay…I love you Wayne ❤


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