2nd month Vaccination

Man…I Just hate injections, I’ve really been trying to put these vaccinations off but I know Olive needed them so we had to get them done. I’ve struggled so much knowing she was going to get 2 injections today, I’ve been so sad and I’ve even cried and held back tears. 

I left her in the room with my mum and Dr.Farida because I just couldn’t bear it, walked to the other side of the hub so I wouldn’t have to hear her cry as well. I left my mum with very strict instructions to smother Olive with love as soon as it was over and to call me as soon as she’s stopped crying!

O is such a strong girl, she amazes me everyday. Even after her injections she was cracking smiles the whole day which just makes me the happiest person in the world! So far she has been okay, I did give her Calpol as soon as it was over and rubbed her thighs with Ice which both helped,and I’m hoping she will get through the night without any pain!

Sidenote; she’s growing really nicely and is in the 50th percentile for both height (56.5cm) and weight (5.1…kg).

Goodnight world ✌

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