Bloggers Food Tasting: Asmara Karen

Firstly, I’d just like to take the time to appreciate how good my man looks 😍 

Ok, I’m done drooling 😊 Asmara restaurant in Karen hosted us for their food tasting event last night and it was wonderful. We had such a nice time! It was filled with great food and great company & it also happened to be Olive’s second bloggers event 🙌 We were welcomed with some yummy passion fruit cocktails (non alcoholic for me of  course) and some Olives & spiced nuts, we then moved onto some canapes, and finally onto the main course which was absolutely delicious, I love the Eritrean food at Asmara and they definitely came through! I must say that the Shiro they made was my favourite 👌👌 unfortunately we couldn’t stay for dessert although they were kind enough to pack us some to take home! THANKS FOR HAVING US 😊😊


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