Mother’s day 14/5/2017

I spent my first mothers day (as a mother) with some of my family at Karen country club and I had a great day!!! 😊

We all woke up in a super positive mood and the rest of the day wasn’t very different. I started my day by putting Olive in a top specially for mama that said “Mom you are so wow” with love hearts all over to make myself feel very special, I remember thinking that one day she will be doing these things for me and coming to wake me up with kisses, I couldn’t help but look forward to that! I took my pictures and then changed her into her actual clothes for the day, I went with something that said ‘country club chic’ and finished it off with a little bracelet/watch (a rattle toy thing that keeps her entertained)😂🙈

We then all got ready, (Wayne, Olive, my mother and myself) and went to watch Katarina play tennis for Muthaiga country club at Karen country club where Muthaiga finally beat Karen and took home the cup after 14 whole years, WELL DONE MUTHAIGA 🙌 and more importantly, you KILLED it Katarina, you are such an amazing person, sports player and God mother to Olive ❤

We then went off to have lunch with Wayne’s grandad and Aunty Linda (Mother in law😊) at the garden area overlooking the golf course, it was such a beautiful day which made me very jolly! We were not only celebrating mothers day but Aunty Linda’s birthday as well which had just passed a few days ago, we sat down together, had lunch and chatted the day away. I also caught some really special moments between Olives great grand dad and Olive which made Wayne and I very happy, I immediately remembered how I swore to myself that I would film all these moments, that I would make sure O would have a bank of photos and videos to look at when she’s older, why have I not started filming yet?! I even bought this phone specially to capture great photos and videos whenever I don’t have my camera at hand. I feel like I’m losing all these moments and memories if I’m not capturing them and I want them forever which makes me feel so sad, I really must try to do all the things I said to myself I would do before it’s too late and O is 25, traveling the world, meeting her husband, getting married and having her own kids! 

Anyhu, getting a bit sidetracked there. Mothers day was really special, I am so grateful for days like that with people I love! 


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