You can’t do it like I can

I want to do absolutely everything for Olive, even though I’m very tired, yes, that doesn’t mean I want anyone else doing it, I may complain about being tired and having no energy, yes, but again that doesn’t mean I want anyone else taking care of her. Any new mama’s feel me on this? At times you get home after a really REALLY long day of work and you still “have” to take care of your baby and you may want to cry a little and feel sorry for yourself because you just feel so exhausted, so you do actually have a little cry and maybe be a little dramatic even though you know very well you wouldn’t have it any other way! People offer me help, like Wayne and my mother always ask if they should take Olive for a while and I answer “no” quite quickly and as if to say ” How could you even ask me that?!”, and I am so grateful for the help & support I have around me but I still want to be able to do it all!! I’m sure this will change when O is a bit bigger, I wont feel the need to do it all myself and it will be easier for me to let people take care of her while I catch some sleep or “relax” on my own for a while, but that’s my struggle at the moment!

I love spending time with my baby, she just means the absolute world to me so I know that even when I have those days that just seems too hard, I see her smile and everything is ok again, that smile is exactly why I am working so hard!

Side note, This is really terrible but do any of you mama’s or papa’s relate?; It gives me secret joys when O might not be so happy in someones arms and as soon as she gets back into mine she is happy, she loves her mama! Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thinks this. Now please don’t get me wrong, I do not in any way want O to be unhappy with people (it’s actually quite the contrary because O is quite an easy going baby and is usually happy with everyone, just those off times), I also just don’t want O to be unhappy at all, period, but there are those times it happens and I’m the only one she wants and it kind of makes me feel like I’m the best thing since breast milk in her eyes and I secretly love it!


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  1. Ian k says:

    Hmmmm….except for your old dad right?

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    1. Lol. No one can do it like I can dad, no one!


  2. Njeri Mbogo says:

    This is every new mom. I was the only one who gave a bath to my babies everyday after a long day of work and sitting in traffic. Only my mom and sis would help once in a while if I let them. One day I felt so guilty but went out for a work dinner and asked the caregivers to give my babies a bath. When I got home they were just fine and I had a few minutes to myself…I was strangely happy. I couldn’t believe it took me over 6 months to realize this. From then on I would find them bathed and I did not stop it. 🙂

    My point is we all want to be supermom but its OK to accept some help. 🙂


  3. Janice says:

    You aren’t the only one. I am a new mum and no matter how tired I am I want to be the one there for my little boy.. The time with him is worth more than sleep or a chance to put my feet up

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  4. SK says:

    I hear you! I think its the mommy instinct in full force given you are a new mom. Again at this stage mommy is the primary source of food so yea……its bound to happen! I had the same. But with time I got so burnt out of wanting to do it all, I started losing patience with my baby boy when he would cry for long or not nap so as to give me a well deserved break. In the long run I noticed I wasn’t taking care of myself, i wasn’t happy. I was irritable and just a debbie downer. I was giving my son “leftovers’ of me from the long day that i’ve had. So its ok to ask for help. What I did is that I always made sure before I give her to anyone for assistance she was well feed, dry diaper, comfy clothes (plus extras if he messes up) warm blankets..pretty much sorted! That way I know they are good.
    So give others a chance to help, you could be surprised how refreshing it gets for you to just focus on you (well that’s next to impossible, but you get what I mean 🙂 ). You’re doing great mama and its going to get better!


    1. You have made a really good point there, one that has actually made me feel a lot more motivated to take some more “me time”- losing patience! Thanks so much for writing, and thank you for your kind words ❤


      1. SK says:

        Your welcome love ❤


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