Doc Visit

How annoying is it that every time your child seems sick then as soon as you take her to the doctor all her symptoms seem to have gone? EVERY TIME 🙈🙈

Ok so there turned out to be absolutely nothing wrong with O even though I am super worried about her blocked/runny nose and how it hasn’t gone away in like 2 weeks!!!! Doc says it can stay for even 3 weeks and as long as she’s otherwise doing ok, she’s fine.

One thing that the Doc said that I will always carry with me is that “babies don’t lie, if they are sick they will let you know”. I know this seems like a “duhhh, of course” kind if thing but as a new mother, these sort of statements helpthat me get through a lot of worrying moments I have!

Sidenote; we finally got her insurance thanks to Wayne’s mum, which makes popping down to the doctors that much easier! Thank you Aunty Linda ❤❤

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