Good Morning

Life is hard!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mum, I love my life and everything that’s happening at the moment but it’s SO hard. I think you all know from previous posts as well as if you know me in real life I love my daughter, Boyfriend & dog, and I am so grateful for everything but man… life has been kidogo (a little bit) rough recently; super early mornings, super late nights, 2 full time jobs; being a mum first and foremost & full time Social media marketing as well as photography gigs and part time work as a photographer, whatever I can get on the side. It’s been a rough month for the Karanja-Mutiso household despite all the hard work, people not paying up and expecting way too much of you, perhaps even asking things of you that are not your role seems to have been the may theme, so I mean I feel like I’m working 5 jobs not really earning as much as I should be, always worrying about where money is going and what it’s being spent on has been actually really rough, between rent, food costs, constant immunizations and hospital bills for Olive, vet and food costs for Bahati, taxi’s etc, I’ve been stressed out every single day this month! I’ve had breakdowns almost every single day and I’m trying to just keep positive. There are amazingly positive days then just really bad days but stress has accompanied them all! Being a full-time mum is even harder than giving birth to be honest even though I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everything just seems to be catching up with me and not only that, I feel like because of this I’m completely stressed out all the time and that I may take it out on people around me (I’m so sorry Wayne), and I also might not be able to see my friends as much as I would like but I just want everyone to know how much I love you all!!

Wow…what a jumble of words, definitely a reflection of life right now but that’s my #REALTALK for the day.

Love & Light



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  1. Njeri Mbogo says:

    You are a wonderful mum doing an awesome job. We all have these moments/months/days/weeks and there is nothing wrong with that. Its also OK not to be super woman sometimes. If you can, take some time for you, a few hours of me-time to reset and re-energize and get back to being and doing awesome. I pray that it all works out infact I’m pretty sure it will. Stay positive Mama.


  2. Nduta says:

    Oh my dear!! I hardly know you but this totally breaks my heart. Personally, I’ve been there, between getting a child to daycare, going to school and working. I feel you. My advice for you is to get a pump (if you don’t have one) pump enough milk and have the dad step in and help in that area so you can take a nap, have a bath, or even take a walk to decompress. As for your business, you will need some muscle, girl and don’t be “nice”. If someone values your work, they will need to play their part. You will have to pick up jobs that are make good business sense and contracts need to be upheld. Set boundaries with your customers/clients and stick to them. Don’t try to please everyone since someone will always be disappointed. The other issue, as for finances, budget will be tight for a while and you will need to create one (if you don’t have one) and to stick to it (now this is the hardest part). Having a new baby, running a business and taking care of a home are pretty expensive, so you and your significant other will have to get a budget written up and really cut down on expenses. This will be a trying time for all of you but it will pass. Doesn’t seem like it right now but it will. I was told that a long time ago and didn’t think so especially when you are going through the storm. But it did and I just sent my child to college 👏🏾Take care of yourself and best of luck


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