Stretch marks

So I thought I would write about this because a few people have asked me. First and foremost I would like to start off by saying that I don’t find stretch marks ugly at all, in fact most of us have them, big, thin, black 0r white, which honestly is something i’ve found out recently (like last 3 years) after years of being so ashamed of mine! Secondly I would also like to say that stretch marks that are caused by giving life- how could you be mad at that? seriously??

I never got any stretch marks during my pregnancy, any new ones at least although I shall definitely be blaming mine on my pregnancy from now on haha! I’m not sure what I did helped but here you go; I made sure to shower everyday and put a nice amount of nivea cocoa butter cream on, as well as some bio oil or coconut oil to my tummy and around my thighs, I would try to do it twice a day to keep my skin hydrated and oiled. Being active definitely helped, I wasn’t that active during my pregnancy in terms of the sports I used to do be before I was pregnant but I was in fact working the entire pregnancy which kept me on my feet up and running on the daily  but to be honest I feel that it was the amount of water I drank that really did the trick! I drank LOADS of water daily to keep my body & skin very hydrated.

To be fair guys, Im also quite a big person and I think I had much more space to stretch, is this a real thing or am I making this up? :p



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  1. Zethuu says:

    Lol big where? 😂😂 I don’t think you’re big at all, you look tiny. 😳 Seriously, I follow you on insta, and you look like uou didnt gain a single pound with your pregnancy.

    I know with taller women, they are said to have more space in there and all.


    1. 😂 thank you for making my year ❤️


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