Hangover…and it gets worse! 👀

So I went out a few weeks ago I think about 2 or 3 and I drank myself silly. You know, I haven’t drank like that in a very long time and I honestly thought those days were kind of behind me but one thing led to another and I was wasted! Having said that, I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time, started of at Muthaiga for fish bowl Friday’s then ended up at mercury and I really enjoyed my company, I really enjoyed the person I was, just generally it was an amazing night and I had a lot of fun but the next morning oh my gosh… Walalalalala 😵

Guys, I had a hangover for 3 days straight! THREE WHOLE DAYS!

 I had not felt that bad since possibly giving birth!!! it was just the worst feeling I could even imagine and obviously now times have changed and I have a baby so taking care of Olive, especially the day after going out was insanely difficult, insanely! I actually still cannot believe how bad I felt and then on top of that had to take care of Olive the entire day, just the normal things like keeping her company, changing her diaper, feeding her, entertaining her etc became some of the hardest tasks I’ve ever had to do, I tried to the best of my ability to do all of it with a smile on my face and very enthusiastically so that Olive wouldn’t feel any differently, I was just dying inside! I felt so upset with myself and current situation, I was feeling so sorry for myself yet I had no one to blame but myself so I had to suck it up and do my mummy duties! 

Having said all of that, imagine the hangover was not even the worst part- for an entire week straight I was in such a panic that I had made Olive “slow” by feeding her breastmilk with alcohol. I even took her to the doctors on 2 occasions to have her checked out, both times they said she was completely fine and healthy but I was convinced that I had done that. She seemed slower and more sleepy to me, I had even convinced myself that something had happened to her lip as I thought it looked like it was drooping then started to think I had given her a stroke somehow, though everyone- wayne, my mum & the doctors kept saying she was fine. I was going through a little depression thinking that I harmed my baby, I felt like the worst mum in the world!

I’m extremely happy to report that that whole saga is over and Olive is indeed a very happy and healthy baby, I guess you live and you learn and I really learnt, trust me 🙌


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  1. joan says:

    hehehehe 😂😂 real funny, sorry about the panic you went through though


  2. Fay says:

    Such honesty. And better yet one that I compeltely relate with. As a new mum I find myself blaming myself a lot. Even if the situation is out of my control. My little one suffers from gas and I’m like ‘it’s all my fault, my breastmilk hurts him, I’m the worst mother ever, I shouldn’t have had that soda, I suck at this…I could go on and on’ I wonder if this will go on forever.
    Anyway, you’re doing a great job with your baby, mama Olive. Nice read.


    1. Aww I feel you 100%. I think all we can do is keep reminding ourselves that we are good mums and we’re not alone, this is one of the main reasons I started this blog actually, to hear stories like yours, to have a chat and know I’m not going through this alone


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