I love this girl- Happy Birthday NIKI!!!

Niki and I have been friends literally since day one and for the absolute longest time, from being in kindergarten just enjoying our lives to forming a “gang” in prepatory school and becoming some sort of bullies to parting ways to attend different secondary schools and universities although we always pick up where we left off whenever we see each other, our parents are also good friends which is great because were all always on the loop of whats going on in all our lives!  We celebrated her birthday at Wasp & Sprout on sunday and it was such a lovely day, I am so glad that Olive got to meet her and also spend time with my other good and “old” friends! Props to Jireh who took her camera and got all these lovely shots of O with everyone, Thanks Ji!

Niki, you are such an amazing person, the sweetest of us all, thanks for such an epic day ❤



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