Dirt Alert 🚨 & New feeds 🍌

Olive just ate dirt!!! I was holding some potatoes and Olive is currently mouthing so she wants to put everything in her mouth, before I knew what was going on her mouth was on that potato and she looked like she enjoyed the taste! Initially I panicked but I dismissed the bad thoughts as quickly as they came because I’m sure she will be fine, I remember eating all sorts of things as a kid!

In other news, O ate banana for the first time today 🙌 Ok so I’ve let her lick my strawberries (which I’ve just found out should not be given to kids under 1 year…Whoops) and I’ve even let her put her mouth to my mugs of tea and hot chocolate which she really enjoys but this time it was proper eat eating, I was super excited to see her reaction and she LOVED IT, she could not get enough which made me so happy. I got a glimpse of what feeding times in future will be like, the messiness of it, and I expected her poop to stink but it actually smelt like banana 😂

I’m so excited for this whole new chapter so I can see her try things for the first time, how amazing is that?!


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