Does it matter if your black or white?

What do you think about your kids being exposed to programmes or books or what have you with the characters being only one race?

I found myself watching some baby TV a few minutes ago as we make our way to swim, this is maybe the 4th time I’ve put on this particular video from YouTube and I think I enjoy it just as much as Olive does, although this is the first time I’ve realised that all the characters are Caucasian, I wasn’t looking for this, it just suddenly dawned on me for some reason which has me thinking about whether it’s ok? Is this a good or bad thing? Will this shape Olives thinking? Today there are so many theories on what’s good or bad and it’s got my head muddled up.

I remember at one point as a kid, when I used to order all my red house goodies (books and toys and all sorts of things that were ordered for us through our school and brought from England) that I had ordered some stick on tattoos and a jewelry kit, on both packages (and on other things I’ve had from there) the people in it were always white and I remember putting on these tattoos and the jewelry that I had made and thinking to myself “this would have looked so much better if my skin was white like on the packages”. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great childhood and this was not something that I thought about often if at all, I just remembered this. I don’t even know if this has any relevance to what I’m asking now.

I’ve also realised that Olive has received a few “pro Africa” books, in the sense that the characters are black with afro hair and talk about things here in Kenya. Will this shape her thinking? I personally cut all my hair off so that it can grow back naturally, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long while as well as the factt hat I want Olive to be proud of her natural looks. This has nothing to do with TV programmes and books and such, just thought I’d slide that in there 😉

I’m probably over thinking things, is Olive also too young to even notice these things? I thought I would open this up for discussion, see what all your thoughts are about this, I would really love to know! 😊

All this apart, we had such a lovely morning swim, we were up at 6:30am and I was bored so I got up, got us dressed and headed to Muthaiga Country club for a swim. I dunked Olives head into the pool for the first time which was so scary because she came out with lots of water and stuff in her nose, but anyway she loved it. We spent the next hour eating breakfast and playing on grass ❤️


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  1. Agnes says:

    I have no baby, never raised one, but from what i know is that O can be too young to notice such things, but they all go into her long term memory, just like she knows who her mum is and who is not.
    Stay blessed💯


  2. Getrude says:

    It’s important for everyone to know the world is colored.Show her all the different colors and she will learn to appreciate that in the future.


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