This girl is MINE!

Have any of you mama’s ever felt a bit ….I’m not actually sure what the word is but recently I’ve been getting quite “upset” about how everyone has something to say about how O looks like so and so and has this person or that person’s features and it never seems to be mine, people even claim their own features on O and at the begining it was fun for me to think about how O looks like so many people but recently I’ve begun to feel like SHE IS MINE DAM IT…SHE IS ME!!!!

To friends and family reading this, please don’t take this too seriously, I can just imagine you watching what your saying around me in regards to her looks. I LOVE that she has taken on so many looks and that she is a part of something BIG, I guess I’ve got a little possessive streak in me 🙈 I’m clearly going through a little jealous phase even though I know there is absolutely nothing to be jealous about 😂



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  1. ChiChi says:

    I can truly relate. With my daughter people would say she looked like my mom, then her father, then his mother, then her siblings, then they didn’t know exactly who she resembled. All the while I’m like I guess she’s resembled everybody in the family is it my turn yet? 😐


    1. Aww man, I’m sorry 😔 I’m glad I’m not alone in this.


    2. I keep re-reading your comment and just agreeing/relating to it, Oh well, I think our time will come when they are a bit older?


  2. ChiChi says:

    Now that she is 4 yrs old everyone says she looks just like me when I was a little girl. I don’t see it 😐 now to me she looks like her siblings…which I guess would still mean she looks like me lol


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