Sickness scare 😱

The night before Last was a bit of a scary one for me, it only lasted for an hour before family came rushing to my aid as usual, but let me tell you, that one hour was not pleasant;

You see, that night I felt really really sick. I had a horrible bad tummy ache and waves of nausea, now normally this wouldn’t even phase me, all I would have to do was take some medication, lie down and hope it goes away. But yesterday, I found myself in the scariest situation, I was alone with 5 (almost 6) month old baby Olive, with Wayne still being in the UK, having no live in help, and having freshly moved into a completely new neighborhood with a complex of strangers, (mind you Wayne’s lovely family and my in laws live right around the corner, had I called they would have been here within seconds but panic took over and I was not thinking clearly) I found myself stuck wondering, what If I got worse during the night? What if I became unresponsive?!? what would happen to olive???

I. started. Panicking!!!

It was no longer a simple situation for me, It wasn’t a medication and sleep off situation, because I had this tiny human being that was completely reliant on me to take care of. But of course, and as usually my family came rushing through to check on me, and my sister stayed the night, which filled me with so much ease. I even woke up this morning feeling nearly almost back to normal, stomache aches and nausea subsided I even took myself for my morning gym workout. But last night was yet another horrifying reminder that It wasn’t only my life I had responsibility for, but another one that needed me so completely. If anything happens to me, then what would happen to olive??? And that made me freak the f*** out!


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