Money hungry

So, I’m really lucky that I have a job that’s not 9-5, in fact I don’t work every day, I’m a free lance photographer and I get to work some days and for even maybe 1 or 2 hours that day, this is great for me because I can be a full time mum as well as have a full time job, I get to spend a great amount of time with my daughter as she grows up which I honestly enjoy more than anything in the world.

I’m also lucky that I have a boyfriend with a great job to support us so I don’t necessarily have to take every job that comes my way in need of money, even though that’s what I do, you see, the con about my job is that I don’t have a salary that I get at the end of every month, I’m not exactly sure how much I make, some months it’s more than others, some months it’s not that much so because of this I tend to take on Jobs offered that I don’t like and I also accept a payment that’s not really the amount I’d like or am worth really, which makes myself and quality of work feel very unappreciated. Doing jobs in this way makes me quite unhappy with photography, my quality of work starts to decline because I’m not really interested and in the end that hurts my photography because Im not producing anything great. I’m too money hungry to actually decline something that’s not for me. I’ve literally recently had to deal with such a bad client, I don’t want to get into details but I’d just like to say that I have shown commitment to the project in so many ways, ways that have not even been my role and even still the client talks to me and my colleague as if we are useless, twice I have told her to find someone else to work with but at the end of the day I go back and work for her, and this sort of thing happens quite often…this will happen absolutely no more!

I am DONE! I will not allow the need for money to overtake my dignity and happiness. Yes, I’m trying to provide my daughter with the best life possible but that also means having a happy life and state of mind, a happy environment for her to grow up in. I also just don’t have the time for rude people or people who take advantage of me anymore, this is my time to shine and I know how far I can get in this world, I will no longer be dragged down by all this nonsense!

*woohhssaaa*…..I feel much better 😊🙏


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