Oktoberfest 2017


Over the past few days I’ve had the pleasure of participating in The Big Five Breweries beer hope 2017 and I’ve really enjoyed it! Firstly because I do love my beer but mostly because I’ve had the chance to really open up my pallet to a number of different type of craft beers which have all been very interesting to me from the look of the bottle to the taste of the beer. Some have been very strong, others very bitter, some smooth and some not then there were some that were very fruity and dessert like- I’ve really had fun trying out all the different flavours!

It’s nice to be able to get out and participate in these kind of events as a mum because it’s something that can be done slowly over a number of days and it’s not an event to go out and “get drunk” but rather an event to appreciate beer and the diversity of it all. I really like the fact that they made this into a game with a beer passport where you stamp all the beers you’ve had and can win great prizes at the end of all this.

All in all, I learnt quite a bit about different flavoured beers and I had fun doing it! I’m really looking forward to a similar event next year where I’ll hopefully get to stamp more on my passport 😉

p.s It’s not over yet guys so if you have not already participated, go out and have some fun!!



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