Anga Afrika

Tucked away deep deep inside Karen lies Anga Afrika, or perhaps it feels like that because of the rough road that leads you there as well as it being hidden in trees without houses and development around it because really it’s only about 10 mins away from the hub mall and the “centre” of Karen. 

Anga Afrika is a wonderful little escape “out” of Nairobi- Even though you are really in Nairobi, this is the feeling it gives you! Romantic, beautiful, cosy and most importantly- good food. It is so strange to be able to go home if need be, “Wayne I forgot my charger you may need to pop by the house to pick it for me” I joked with him on arrival. You are also able to pop down to the mall to do a few things then back to the escape!

You are woken up after an amazing peaceful sleep to birds chirping and fresh air, Dan the man greats you warmly and offers you breakfast and a big smile to go with! We spent most of our time all snuggled up in bed with those water heaters you keep by your feet as it was raining that weekend and all we wanted to do was get some well deserved rest. We spent night times by a large fire outside, filling our bellies with food and then back into our wonderful tent.

All in all we really had a great weekend there together, its a beautiful place with wonderful service. Thank you to Sid and the Anga Afrika team for having us and taking good care of us!






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  1. Alfred Kiragu says:

    Wow wow wow. This is incredible. Unspeakable joy overflowing. Gods blessings guys we love you me
    Chef Alfredo


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