Recipe: Potato, carrot & Sukuma purée

Olive loves this one but I honestly think I love it more, I literally eat half of her food that Wayne asked me “is this her food or yours”? 😂 I make this recipe with and without the carrot.

It’s so simple to make, Here’s how;

1.Wash & chop up the veggies

2.Boil the potatoes & carrots and as that’s boiling sautee the Sukuma in light olive oil (Olive oil is an unsaturated fatty and is really healthy & important in their diets)

3. Blend the ingredients with a table spoon of ghee or unsalted butter (This will add some creamyness and yummy taste as well as being a healthy fat for babies- same as olive oil).

5.Voila-ready! Take some to serve and put the rest away for later 😊

I bought my delicious fresh ingredients from Zucchini 👌


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