Recipe: Potato, leek and celery soup

I wanted to make some soup for dinner that both Olive & I could eat- this is what I went for! It was super tasty, really easy to make and also quite fast! I used Leeks, potatoes, garlic, onion, chicken broth and some salt.


1- Cut, chop & wash the veggies

2-Bring everything to boil and cook until everything is soft

3-Blend everything together using adding the liquid in parts to get the consistency you would like


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  1. cynthiasawe says:

    Hey Mama O
    Love your blog and weaning recipies. I am a mom of a 6month old baby and looking to add variety to his diet. However I saw add salt in your recipies. My paed advised not to add salt to baby food because of the sodium. Overall a baby is supposed to get a maximum of 2g (less than a teaspoon)of sodium a day which they also get from breastmilk.Thus advised not to add salt at all. Please add a disclaimer in the weaning recipies for new mums


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