This year christmas did not quite go as planned,  it was not as big as we usually do it as a family, our plans were very last minute and especially as it was O’s first year and I had very big plans! I wanted there to be HUGE celebrations and LOADS of decorations, in my home and any place we decided to spend our christmas at, I also took out the christmas tree on like the 8th of december, planing on decorating it with 1001 things, as well as our whole house and balcony…pfff I think I wrapped 2 tinsels around the tree, threw a few balls in there and called it a day!

Having said all of this, I had and more importantly O had an amazing christmas period (and its not over)! We spent time with my family on christmas eve, and on christmas day, before that and after that (till today) Wayne & I have taken turns treating each other (Mostly Wayne though) to different restaurants because theres nothing we love more than food lol, we’ve gone to see giraffes and taken O for walks, we spent a good 27th with Wayne’s family cooking and eating breakfast, then lunch chatting and lazing around, and basically we’ve had such a nice time spending time with each other which has not been easy in the past couple of months because of our jobs and all.

Basically all I want to say is that it didn’t go as planned but It couldn’t have been better! I love you all, thank you to my family, Wayne’s family & most importantly Wayne and O for making my christmas an amazing one!

Here are a few pictures of the christmas period, I wish I took more but I was lost in all the fun! P.s How cute was Olive’s “Santa’s little helper “outfit from Ella’s Baby Store and her pink dress from her God Mum Zinzi?!





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