New year’s resolutions

We closed a chapter of our lives on the last day of last year, we moved out of our first apartment together-It was a bitter sweet day, of course it was very sad to have had to move out but at the same time we are so excited about what the new year will bring us and all the plans we have for the year that everything is really looking up! I have new work goals, new family goals, new life goals and I am so excited to start ticking them off one by one!

New year’s resolutions;

MAMA: Being the best mum I can be, period!

RELATIONSHIP: Taking more time to be with Wayne, having a baby all my attention has focused on Olive and I let Wayne take a back seat, I need to be kinder, take more time & just generally put in more effort all around.

HEALTH & SELF IMAGE: My health and fitness have really been a rollercoaster last year, from getting fit then completely unfit to now when i’m just in dire need of rebooting my system, eating healthier and going back to the gym. All of this will really help me get a healthier self image back which was something that really went downhill last year and affected me in a number of ways. Basically taking better care of myself physically and in turn mentally.

TRAVEL: Get back to traveling more, this is one of my biggest passions and something that makes me so happy, I had to stop because of having Olive and because she was so young I did not want to travel all over the place but now I am confident to start travelling with her more and more and getting that sense of adventure back again!

COMMUNICATION: Replying to more people be it on a personal level such as my friends and family or on my social media platforms.

BLOGGING: Being better on my blog – Taking it more seriously all around!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Doing more projects i’m genuinely interested in and not taking on all jobs just because of money’s sake.

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  1. nyatichiblog says:

    I like how you write. So natural. Here is to wishing you and your family a very blissful and blessed 2018


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