Tokyo – Restaurant Review

I had my very first date with Wayne at Tokyo and since then its always held a special place with me! It was such a great lunch, we filled ourselves on sushi and truth be told Wayne had some sushi left over that I was so very tempted to eat because it was so delicious but I couldn’t because I was trying to be a polite girl, you know, impress him and all that and till this day that has been one of my regrets in life 🙂 ! We actually even went there to celebrate the fact that we were pregnant with Olive!

Even now we still  love eating there, not only do we always love the food but it’s also kid friendly as it has a big garden and playground which is super important for us at the moment with an extremely active baby and another on the way!

Tokyo offers both Japanese and Korean dishes and I was lucky enough to get to try a number of dishes that I honestly really enjoyed! Some new and some i’ve had in the past, Here’s my 2 cents on the dishes;



Crab in ginger sauce -I had been craving some really GOOD crab for days before I got to Tokyo. Speaking as a pregnant woman with cravings, I would like you to know how serious it was for me to get the crab that I had been dreaming about and nowhere seemed to have it. I didn’t know this was one of the dishes I was going to get at Tokyo so you can imagine my excitement, along with that excitement came some pessimism- I was ready to be let down again because it was just becoming such a constant BUT LET ME TELL YOU….YUMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!- I sucked that crab dry! It was super flavourful, it’s spicy sweet, gingery & cooked perfectly, full of sauce and the meat is nice and tender, it just falls apart in your mouth. It’s also an extremely Generous portion. It’s so delicious that you find yourself sucking all the juices out of  every possible shell!


Natsudengaku (Eggplant dish) – I had never had this before, simply because it’s not something that jumps out to me, eggplant, I like it but its not my favourite veggie so I always skip over things like this. I thought I would like it but admittedly not as much as I did! It’s really yummy with a salty sweet sauce, again the eggplant was cooked perfectly-Not too soft that it’s overcooked. It had just the right flavours and was actually a very comforting dish! I would definitely do this as a starter next time I go!


Ostrich Tadaki (Seared Ostrich dish) – This dish is one of the chef’s specials, usually this is a tuna dish but  chef did ostrich that day. This is not for the faint hearted, and by that I mean that I have a feeling this dish requires a certain acquired taste, and having said that- I highly recommend anyone willing to be “adventurous” to give this a try.   I am a firm believer that you should never make a judgement before trying the food first as thats how I was raised and Im glad I was.I love raw meat and I love ostrich too so I enjoyed this dish quite a bit, it’s different from other raw meat dishes I’m used to from the texture and the taste, and the very spicy sauce definitely complimented the ostrich.


Kimchi- I love kimchi. One of my favourite dishes from my dutch side growing up has been sauerkraut, and generally I Love the taste of pickled veggies especially and this to me is basically the spicy Korean version- y’all know how I love my spicy food so this was just a perfect match for me!! It’s tangy and spicy and Burst’s in your mouth with both flavours.


Sushi-  Simply put- I love the sushi at Tokyo! It’s one of my top 3 go-to sushi restaurants in Nairobi! The fish always tastes super fresh, it’s always been consistent and they also don’t joke with that wasabi! Delicious, delicious, delicious!


Bluefin Toro Torched – (Torched blue fin tuna sushi dish) – This is definitely a new fave! It melt’s in your mouth just so beautifully. It’s the belly part of the tuna and is filled with natural oils. The chef actually flies this fish in from korea- In Korea and Japan this dish  is very expensive and the minimum size is over 300/400 kilo & 2/3 metres per fish. I also really like the fact that each part of the fish used to make different dishes, just as a kikuyu would do to a goat 😉


Yaki Tori Skewers- I enjoyed these because they are nice & simple- cooked in a sweet sauce with sesame seeds, both the chicken and beef were cooked really well as they were nice and tender. It’s simply put tasty and a perfect starter to share or perhaps side dish.

What I really love about Tokyo as well is that the owner & head chef ALWAYS comes and checks on his guests which is amazing and makes you feel like a valued customer. It makes you feel like even if the food was not great, WHICH IT WAS, that you would still have a good opinion about the restaurant because of the service and ambiance.

Bonus – Conkrete Roses is located at Tokyo so you can also go have a look at them for some extra gifts for friends & loved ones at the end of your meal, or before 😉 I am absolutely in love with the matching mama & daughter jean jackets we got from there and would definitely advise you to check them out for awesome hand painted Jackets, shirts, bags etc!


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