Strong Start – My Nursery school of Choice

As a parent, you want what is best for your child in all aspects of their lives and I am so happy to have found that for Olive in terms of the Nursery School she is going to – Strong Start!

I was first introduce to strong start via a playgroup Olive used to attend. Olive loved the playgroup and it was the first time I had actually left her side while she attends something without me. It was one of the scariest things I did because as many of you know, Olive and I were basically attached at the hip, I never went one single place without her and as well as that, Olive and Vialet (our nanny) were just beginning to develop their relationship so I was extremely nervous, but once I saw how much she enjoyed it, it became easier to leave her there with Vialet. I remember being really impressed that Vialet and Olive would leave with art work and a sheet on what they did in the play group and how you can do it at home. We later went shopping for some paint etc that Vialet requested for activities she learnt in that playgroup.

Later on I found out more about Strong Start via Mums Village which is where I actually discovered all that they offer, as soon as I read through their website and all of that, I contacted them immediately to go the next day for a visit! I was interested in various things they offered especially their summer school programme they had going on that I wanted Olive to attend. I actually went in with my dad because he’s done this whole school thing twice with my sister and myself and is very VERY into what schools one should go to and the programmes they offer etc so I thought he would be the best person to go with as he would ask all the questions I don’t even think about.

My dad and I were so impressed after our visit and conversation we had there and I just KNEW this was the right place for Olive, I honestly didn’t even bother looking elsewhere and I have been very happy with the decision ever since! And let me tell you, this is a long distance for us to get to everyday, from runda sides all the way to lavington every morning in that traffic is no joke, simply put, Strong start is worth it!


1) The immediate attraction actually was Tej herself, Tej is the founder of Strong Start and we had a really great conversation with her. We could see that she was passionate about Strong Start and then when we asked her questions her answers really pleased us.

I think you all know the whole nanny rants i’ve been going on for a while and so to me one of the most appealing thing’s she told me was- if you find someone who you like, you feel like you can trust, has the core values and characteristics you are looking for, you should go ahead and hire her, the rest (technical skills) can be taught, at strong start and wherever else, but the core values you cant teach.

2) Our concern was then about whether her teachers were good and how she managed them- we talked about it and we came to the conclusion that she seemed to know how to pass on to them the same passion and knowledge which we later found that this was true.

3) We liked the three pillars that were the foundation on which strong start teaching (for want of a better word ) is based .

4) Tej walked us through the different types of learning processes the kids go through and what each type of class teaches and we were very impressed with that. I knew it was exactly what I wanted for Olive.

5) I’m also so happy with the fact that they learn through play – Wayne and I knew that we wanted to take this sort of route with Olive at the very beginning at least and i’m so very happy about how much Olive has learnt there during the summer school programme.

6) The involvement of the nannies in the programme, not just to look after the kids but also to learn and absorb what strong start is doing was the final and conclusive thing that sold it to us…even though we would have been sold anyway!

I couldn’t be happier with our choice to attend strong start and we are all thoroughly looking forward to joining the start of the school term next week!

P.s guys, they start as early as 6 months and again its learning through play, its a fun and educational environment for your child and a great way to for them to socialise, I would definitely advise it for your kids, also for you mum’s and dad’s who need a nice 2 hour break in the morning just to concentrate on yourself, or instead of leaving your child at home with nothing to do while your at work!


Here is some more information on Strong Start In Tej’s Words:

About Strong Start:

Strong Start is a fast growing social enterprise that provides early childhood support for families and communities throughout Nairobi. Our trainings and playgroups teach caregivers how to create fun and stimulating environments at home for children to thrive.


Strong Start playgroups offer a unique opportunity for your little ones to play and socialise, while your nanny learns to recreate the play activities at home!

Our playgroups are hosted in open and safe learning environments so that your child can actively engage in development-driven play that enhances his/her physical, language, cognitive and social-emotional development.

Playgroup themes include Art, Nature & Messy Play, Sports, Dance & Movement, Creative Exploration, Gymnastics, Music, Books & Stories and Sensory Play


One of the unique components of working as a nanny or domestic staff involves working in your employers’ home. This arrangement sometimes blurs the lines of professionalism for staff AND employers.

We work with families in order to create healthy and effective systems so that everyone understands their work flow.

Our trainings are designed to support parents and nannies through the early years of a child’s life. We specialise in creating effective tools to manage household flow, while providing rich content to enable you to support each stage of your child’s development.

After all, we believe that if you have a nanny that you trust, we can enable her with the skills she needs to create a healthy and happy home environment for your little ones.


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Contact Information


Number: 07179115830

Instagram: @strongstartkenya

Facebook : Strong Start Kenya


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