Marley’s Maternity Shoot

I am SO IN LOVE with these images my sister took of me today! I am at a loss for words really!!

Guys, please don’t hire my sister instead of me for shoots? No but honestly, Katarina did such an amazing job on these photos, i’m so so happy with them. We literally decided within 10 mins to go over to my dad’s and do a shoot in the garden. 30 mins later this is what I got 😍😍

KATARINA KARANJA, ontop of being just the best person in the world, you have given me some amazing memories that I will cherish forever, THANK YOU 💕 !!!!!
P.s This Canvas Cosmetics lippy in “mara” shade made me feel all that extra special! I wore nothing but denim, underwear, sunflowers and this lippy, I love it so much, it’s my favourite colour ever!! It also happens to last on your lips for so long that just makes it so much better! I’m giving you guys a chance to get 15% off this lippy with my promo code on their website: MAMAOLIVE15 (to get 15% off Mara) – thank me later 😉 (


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mamashakes says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!


  2. champagneviolinist says:

    So beautiful


  3. Janeirene says:

    This is lovely.


  4. Violet says:

    Wow. Congratulations mamaolive and may God protect your motherhood journey😍😘


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