SUPER FOODS! Who doesn’t love a food that gives you all sorts of extra added benefits? I mean seriously, the list of benefits for these superfoods are amazing and all you have to do is sprinkle a little of it on your food. THAT SIMPLE! 


I was lucky enough to get to try some of Mynawiri’s healthy products, and I instantly felt the need to share with you all the amazing health benefits you are able to get from these products. Also, can we just stop to admire how nice the packaging is? I always love a product that looks cute ONTOP of the fact that the products are great as well.

The three products I received were Moringa, Baobab and Neem! Ive listed the benefits below and will start each superfood with a little intro specifically targeting motherhood. And then I will go on to tell you about how you can use them in your foods!




Moringa and Breastfeeding: research has proven that the consumption of Moringa can support an increase in up to 30% of the milk production. Sidenote, there is some scepticism about whether Moringa should be used during pregnancy, the information is very mixed so I advise to use this AFTER youv’e given birth!

Moringa contains a variety of proteins, vitamins, and minerals and is also extremely low in fats and contains no harmful cholesterol.
The benefits of consuming Moringa are pages long, ranging from
-Protecting and nourishing skin and hair
-Treating edema
-Making bones healthier
To some of the more extreme benefits that shocked me when I learnt about it. And those are;
-Preventing and treating cancer
-Treating mood disorders
-Treating asthma
I could go on and on and on




Baobab is also an interesting product when breastfeeding, as the excrete of milk makes you loose minerals important to stay hydrated. These lost minerals or electrolytes can be replaced by consuming Boabab that has plenty of Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. 

other benefits include
– keeps your skin and hair healthy
-regulates your fluids
-protects and replaces cells
-controls blood sugar




Neem should not be ingested during pregnancy or while breastfeeding but here’s oother ways it can help;

More than a meal –

Got a bad case of dandruff you’re just itching to get rid of (pun intended 😉 ) go ahead and
Boil a bunch of neem leaves till the water turns green, allow it to cool. After washing your hair with shampoo, cleanse it with this water.

Struggling with your skin?
whether its acne, a zit stubborn to leave your face before you go on that hot date or any other skin ailments.. go ahead and
Tactic 1 -Grind a few neem leaves, make a paste and apply it daily till the acne dries out. The paste also helps any kind of eruptions, dark spots and chronic ulcers.
Tactic 2 -Turmeric combined with a paste of neem leaves can also be used for itching, eczema, ring worms and some mild skin diseases.
• Get rid of the crazy lady eyes!
A problem I personally deal with, having a toddler to constantly run after as well as my body enduring the difficult pregnancy I went through this year.
I’ve found myself going weeks with none to very little and disturbed sleep.
So here’s an eye hack for y’all – Boil some neem leaves, let the water cool completely and then use it to wash your eyes. This will help any kind of irritation, tiredness or redness.

The benefits of consuming Neem are just as page long as the other two products I talked about, and to name a few of those are-
Boosts your immunity, helps with Fever, Upset stomach, Breathing conditions, Malaria, Worms, Heart disease, Diabetes.


Guys! I haven’t even broken the surface with the endless health benefits that these products provide, but I’m sure you can already see the incredible worth there is in adding these products into your daily routine.

“So how do I use it?” you ask

SPRINKLE… onto salads, eggs, roasted veg, pasta & risotto
BAKE… into savoury bread, brownies, muffins & cookies
STIR… into soups, dips, sauces, casseroles & stews
SHAKE… into apple juice, coconut water & salad dressings
BLEND… into sauces, green juices, smoothies & ice creams
And most importantly- If you stumble upon a delicious recipe that includes moringa and baobab.. SHARE IT WITH ME! 😀

If you’re as curious as I was when I was first told about these products, take a look at where they have more tips tricks and advice. As well as a lot of great other products!

Thank you Mynawiri for sending me a lovely care package of goods that are helping not only myself but my family!
I can’t wait to discover more of your products!


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