Girl time with Lynk

I gotta be honest- I’m not your stereotypical mani pedi spa day out kinda girl, but I have to say that I genuinely really did enjoy this experience! A lot more than going to a salon, that’s for sure!
There’s something about doing it in the comfort of your own home that makes it special and so much more enjoyable. Especially if you are a mum of two, the fact that I don’t need to pack 10 baby bags, get my kids miraculously dressed and in the car, and somehow make sure I have them contained and not breaking anything in the salon, is a God send luxury.
At home, I was able to watch the kids, breastfeed Marley, see what Olive’s up to, watch tv, and have a quick kitchen snack break or two.. I mean you are at home so whatever floats your boat!

I can now really imagine making this nail thing a monthly ritual, perhaps inviting a friend or two around to enjoy a little girl talk together in the comfort and ease of my own house.

Bonus- Look how awesome my nails are!!



Now lets talk about how easy it was to set up my nail appointment!

1 – Go to this link for booking;
2- Browse through the numerous nail, spa and beauty options they have to offer
3- Book, pay and await for bliss to walk to your doorstep

Payment is made simple and easy as well, as they offer the options to pay manually via m pesa or to pay through the site. You will then get a confirmation email as well as text which I really appreciate.

My nail artist Ken called to confirm our appointment and location, then arrived timely with all equipment in hand.
Ken was very friendly, made sure that we were comfortable and gave us advice about the products he was using as well as answering any questions and enquiries we had.

The end result!
I opted to only choose the nail colours and then let Ken surprise me with a design, which he was more that happy to do, and ultimately I loved loved how he did my nails!

10/10 experience for me,
I got to breastfeed, watch olive play around, do stuff at the convenience of my own home, and have a talented, friendly and professional nail artist make me look fabulous.  Olive also got a cheeky mani done. What more could you want?!

I’m curious, if there are any other Lynk’ers (thats what I will call us now haha) that have also had a mani pedi experience from Lynk, how did it go for you?
And for any other Lynk’ers that have tried out any of their other services, what did you try from them and how was it? Personally i’m now thinking about what other things I can try such as personal fitness, pick up a course, maybe even brush up on some french.. who knows, 2019 is my year to explore and conquer!

So comment below, and let me know guys!


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