A day at Brown’s with my girls

Last Thursday was such a great day for myself and my girls, especially for Olive, she lit up the whole day and i’m convinced she would love to live out on a farm, maybe Brown’s can adopt us? #WeWillWorkForFoodAndStay

It’s a beautiful drive up, only around 30 minutes from Village market and where I live as well. It’s scenic, green and lush, and there’s something different about the air up there, its fresh and makes you feel clear headed all of a sudden!



We wanted to see the behind the scenes of how Brown’s makes such natural products so we had a private tour which included picking fresh herbs from the vegetable garden, checking out all the farm animals that Olive adored, we got to make crackers as well as mint ice cream. We also learnt about the all natural no additives/preservatives core value of Brown’s, which as you all know is something that’s quite important for me, especially after having kids and wanting to feed them with only the best! (Well…most of the time because lets face it, sometimes you just got to give in)


We started off our day at the vegetable garden, the first thing catching Olive’s eye were the chickens and as soon as she saw those, she was sold! We then went to greet the pigs followed by picking fresh herbs, Olive was right at home, getting a basket and picking all the ingredients she needed as if she honestly knew what she was doing.

Impressive selection of veggies & herbs!

We got to experience rolling out and shaping the browns crackers including the new Brown’s animal crackers for kids which I absolutely LOVE! They taste amazing and it’s a healthy alternative to a lot of things you find in the store, I would definitely recommend you parents to try these for your kids, and for yourselves to be honest! They are a little bit sweet using honey and just oh so good!

I was actually quite impressed at how Olive took charge here and began rolling out the dough like a pro! I had so much fun doing this with her and it makes me quite excited that Olive might like to cook, I love it and it would be fun to make this an “us” thing.


Here are just a few pictures of my babies enjoying the day!

After all that fun at the vegetable garden we then went to the factory to learn how to make some mint ice cream which was quite easy, and prior to this we learnt about different types of mint and whats used for ice cream which I found interesting! As we were waiting for the ice cream to freeze, Olive and I snuck away to the next room to taste all the delicious and freshly baked crackers, YUM!

Then it was time to relax, learn about 8 different types of cheeses and try them with some different freshly made condiments, crackers and bread. Both Olive and I were in heaven,  is it just me or is it strange that one of Olives favourite cheeses is blue cheese? Doesn’t that seem a little bit “sophisticated” for a 2 year old? Anyway, as soon as we ate our fill of cheese, we dove straight into the lunch, this is the second time iv’e had lunch there and wow, i’m always blown away at the flavours and the dishes, so so good! As lunch was going on, Olive saw some other kids and went to play in an area set up for kids which I found great as not enough places/restaurants etc think about that- or if there are, please do drop a comment so I can check them out!

What better way to end the day than with a scrumptious ice cream (Delia’s Ice Cream) in freshly baked ice cream cones! The salted caramel is always my go to, and it never ever disappoints!


A day out at Brown’s is honestly a day VERY WELL spent, for the whole family! Whether you live in Kenya and want to do something new, impress some friends visiting from another country or heck, have done it before and want to have another amazing afternoon, this is the plan for you!

You can learn more about Brown’s and their Farm Lunch Thursday – Saturday here; http://www.brownscheese.com/?lunches-at-the-farm,22

Do check out their instagram as well here: https://www.instagram.com/brownsfoodco/

Thanks for stopping by my review, I hope you found it interesting and till next time!

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