What I know about motherhood for sure!

Sharon asked me the other day what I know about motherhood for sure and this is what I had to say;

“To be a mama is to be a superhero. Forget batman, spider man and all that. This is a real version of a superhero. It is the thing that people can judge you most on but is the hardest thing to do in life. Most rewarding too. I am able to do things I never thought possible, handle situations I never thought possible, deal with life in a way I never thought possible.

Motherhood is unconditional love. It is contanst. It is never ever being alone in your thoughts again. It is unselfish.

Motherhood is taxing, financially, emotionally, socially & physically.

Motherhood is never ending fear, fear that your not good enough, your not doing good enough, your not giving enough, fear your kids are not where they are supposed to be in life, they are not at the stage they are supposed to be at of which other kids their age are, fear of your kids being bullied or that you might punch a kid for bullying your kids, fear of every cough, every hot head that might turn into a fever, every cut and scratch that might turn into an ER run.

Motherhood is the hardest, most challenging, toughest, sleepless & selfless thing in the world. But it gives me the greatest joy that I could ever experience & imagine. It gives me a reason to live, push harder and be a better person. It’s opened my eyes to so much and I would never be able to be the person I am today without my 2 angels.

“There is no love like a mothers love.” So I think I’d have to say that the one thing I know for sure is that you never truly understand that until you become a mother. ”

Please do check out her blog post over at This Is Essential to see what other mothers had to say ❤️


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