28 Baby! 2.Nov.2019

A while back I talked about how much I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year as I felt that I really achieved so much this year that this was a milestone for me, As well as that my birthday for the past 3 years fell through every time, being sick etc sooooo this year it was going to happen, big time.

I went with palm springs theme because it was nice and colourful, vibrant and all round good vibes plus palms, and flamingos are some of my fave things!

I just want to thank everyone who came and spent their day with me as well as all the companies I worked with! I had such a great time working with these companies and thought I’d share all the pictures and contact details so if your ever looking for anyone to work with, you don’t need to look any further! (Click on their names to direct you to their pages)

Food: The Cooking Company Kenya

They sent over SUPER TASTY mahamri, kaimati, bhajias, mini mandazis & crudites, we all enjoyed and I ordered from them the following week for visitors who also really enjoyed!!

The Bar – Beer Dynasty

Sharon really came through for me, she set up an awesome bar, with great themed decor as well as all the Balloons you see in the pictures (flamingos, numbers, pineapples etc) !

  • Jewellry- Earrings- Jewels Heaven . They sell such beautiful earrings & hair clips
  • Hair & Nails- Nywele Nzuri . All my looks this year are courtesy Nywele Nzuri, Im so happy with their service and how they handle me, my hair and nails have been on fleek all year long!

Paper flowers – Maggie. These flowers were so beautifully made and such amazing quality, I actually still have them and will be able to use them at any upcoming events! Thanks for my pretty photo backdrop, Maggie!

Photography- Njokie, @gotoevephotography. Thank you so much for capturing beautiful memories of my day, I loved the photos!!!

Videography Audrey, @MsKathambi – Thank you as well for capturing such great memories of y day, and ALL these shots we did haha! I love your work!

Ladies and Gents, I cant upload videos but if you could please check out my IGTV here (the Video Audrey made) – https://www.instagram.com/tv/B45KcL4gE34/

Cake & Cookies Sweet Art Desserts in collaboration with Sweet Artic.

I spoje to Courtney of Sweet Art Desserts and told her about my theme, she basically said “I gat you”, she delivered this the day of my birthday and I couldn’t have been happier! My cake was everything I wanted and more, it also tasted HEAVENLY, and so did the cookies that Sweet Artic made and glaxed, how cuutteeee are those cars, cactasus, flamingos and hearts?!!!!

Party Favours- The Wrapistry

Divya made me these amazing succulents and cactus in pots with golden detail and a quote, they were decoration that were also party favours everyone could take home when they were leaving. Everyone loved them!!!

The Wrapistry deal in Artisan gifting and wrapping , Corporate gifting, occasion favours, wrapping and Trouseau packaging! I saw Divya’s work with a package I once received and was so in love with the detail and then when I visited her page and saw what she did, I realised she don’t come to play! She really does amazing work with a keen eye to detail which is perfect for any event!

Party Favours- Hangover bags by Gifts By Beebox

Gifts By Beebox made me these amazing mini kits consisting of panadol fot the headache, mentos mint for the breath, hangover tea and tissues with a quote by bob Marley and everyone took one home! My guests also loved this so much. Mine were mini ones, they actually make bigger ones too which are epc!


Kids Entertainment- Romar Kiddie World

They gave me a great bouncing castle with candy floss that all the kids loved. And what I really liked is that they alsoprovided 2 wonderful girls who manned the area and made sure everyone was happy!


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