Sunday Funday #OOTD

We had a great day out with the family yesterday including a little choking scare-Olive now loves to put her head into the water, gosh this girl is just so adventurous! Here are some pictures of the day; P.s You can find this outfit at Ella’s Baby Store & the shoes at Olive & Annie….

DOUBLE Fire Noodle Challenge

I did the DOUBLE fire noodle challenge with Noni the other day for her youtube channel- this was filled with laughter, fun & lots of sweat and nose blowing! Thank you for having me on your channel Noni!!! Please watch more from her page, you will love her! – Click here


I am in love with this outfit from Ella’s Baby Store!

10 months Milestone’s

Things that Olive can say: Hi Bye Bahati Ouch Ducky Dada Mama Out Bird Wow Tree   She can: High five Make the hand signal “Come” Blows kiss Waves Claps Plank Roll Sit up Pull up walks with one hand held Plays- pretends to give you something which you reach for and then she pulls…

Sauti Ya Mama

I was super excited to be a part of this great new show. Here I talk about being a young mother. Check out their other series on their youtube page!

New year’s resolutions

We closed a chapter of our lives on the last day of last year, we moved out of our first apartment together-It was a bitter sweet day, of course it was very sad to have had to move out but at the same time we are so excited about what the new year will bring…

Things I’ve been most grateful for in 2017

As we go into the new year, I’ve been thinking about how quickly this year has flown by and how grateful I am for so many things; 1. First and foremost and above all else, HANDS DOWN would obviously be my daughter, Olive Chemeli Karanja-Mutiso born march 6th 2017 (2017!!!! who’s born in the 2000’s??!!…


This year christmas did not quite go as planned,  it was not as big as we usually do it as a family, our plans were very last minute and especially as it was O’s first year and I had very big plans! I wanted there to be HUGE celebrations and LOADS of decorations, in my…

Recipe: Potato, leek and celery soup

I wanted to make some soup for dinner that both Olive & I could eat- this is what I went for! It was super tasty, really easy to make and also quite fast! I used Leeks, potatoes, garlic, onion, chicken broth and some salt. 1- Cut, chop & wash the veggies 2-Bring everything to boil…