DOUBLE Fire Noodle Challenge

I did the DOUBLE fire noodle challenge with Noni the other day for her youtube channel- this was filled with laughter, fun & lots of sweat and nose blowing! Thank you for having me on your channel Noni!!! Please watch more from her page, you will love her! – Click here

Sauti Ya Mama

I was super excited to be a part of this great new show. Here I talk about being a young mother. Check out their other series on their youtube page!


So I had the lovely opportunity of joining Sharon on one of her christmas videos for  this is EssMass and it was so much fun, we talk about the things we didn’t know and wish we did about pregnancy and giving birth! “Tatiana and I open up about some of the really unexpected things that…

Our Claim to fame

So Olive and I have been in a few things recently and I thought I would link them below; Live on K24Alfajiri For the love of photography : Meet women behind the lens: Mums Villlage new show, Season & Episode 1: Mums Village Real Mum Interview: The Daily Nation: