Poop Stories

So Olive did a nice poop & quite a  few farts today without having any discomfort and I’m so excited. I’ve been talking about it all day!!  For those of you who don’t know, babies feel some discomfort and sometimes some pain when they are trying to poop and fart and that’s because 1 they…

Mother’s day 14/5/2017

I spent my first mothers day (as a mother) with some of my family at Karen country club and I had a great day!!! 😊 We all woke up in a super positive mood and the rest of the day wasn’t very different. I started my day by putting Olive in a top specially for…

2nd month Vaccination

Man…I Just hate injections, I’ve really been trying to put these vaccinations off but I know Olive needed them so we had to get them done. I’ve struggled so much knowing she was going to get 2 injections today, I’ve been so sad and I’ve even cried and held back tears.  I left her in…

My 1st Mother’s Day 

Mothers day made 😍 HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to all the mama’s out there ❤ I love you Mama ❤


Today has been such a scare, I started changing O this morning and found her with a huge rash on her tummy, legs and armpits, it then continued to spread over her body and migrate to different places. I rushed her to see the doctor once I saw it spreading, especially after rushing her to…

A whole lotta new

-Her vocabulary has grown drastically, we are having full on conversations these days which is amazing!!!  -I woke up the other day to Olive just pleasantly staring around the room, not making a sound as if she knew I was sleeping and didn’t want to wake me. -The other day Olive started playful feeding; she…


Yesterday’s look 😍

Swag 💅

First bracelet Olive’s ever worn 😊 It’s actually to keep Olive entertained, it makes a sound every time it’s moved, so cute!!

Quote of the day

“I thought you were the most beautiful girl until I met Olive” – Wayne Mutiso a.k.a Baby Daddy