She has now officially outgrown this outfit, her toes are right at the end and get squashed when you pick her. I can’t believe she has grown so much, at one point every single piece of clothing she owned was too big!!

All smiles 😊

Olive has began smiling, (smiling because she’s happy, not neonatal smiling) and it’s about the cutest thing in the world!!!!! On saturday I ran into a  family friend of ours that I have not seen in a while, Marcus Ngugi, and let me tell you, my little girl could not wipe her very gummy grin…

Bathtime 💧

I had my first bath with Olive yesterday and it was such a beautiful experience. She loves hot water and was super relaxed as if she was at the spa, she even fell asleep floating in the water 😍 (I held her head out of the water of course) #Firsts

Hospital Runs 😵

Oh God! I’m sorry to use the Lord’s name in vain but I don’t think there is a stronger way if putting how I feel! We’ve just gotten back from the all night pharmacy at Karen hospital having had to buy some medicine for Olive’s gas, Wayne driving as fast as possible to avoid Bandits…

Foot prints 👣

I finally got some foot and hand prints done, I wanted to do it as soon as she was born because her feet were just so tiny, I mean they still are but they have already grown so much, either way they are just so precious that I wanted to keep a print forever, perhaps…

Moments ❤

So, I caught this moment the other day when we were having lunch at Muthaiga country club, my parents look like they are back together and have had another child, it was so beautiful to watch as they sat together laughing, talking and kissing baby O. Olive being cheeky :p

First time on grass

Yesterday Olive & I spent the day at Muthaiga country club with some family, I was staring out at the beautiful green grass, wishing ours at home would get back to being that green when I realised that Olive had not been in the grass yet, despite us having a wonderful big garden at home!…