Bumps & Worries 🤕

I honestly feel so depressed and sad, I can’t believe I just knocked my babies head on the cupboard. During pregnancy and even after I gave birth I’ve been so scared that this would happen, I thought to myself that it’s inevitable that one of us would “hurt” her in some way of course without intending to do so, I knew the day would come but I wasn’t prepared. I’m sitting here crying feeling terrible but telling myself that this doesn’t make me a bad mum, I didn’t mean to do it and I wish I had moved differently so that wouldn’t have happened but it did and I can’t change it so what I have to do now is stay strong, keep an eye on her and take this as a learning experience! O didn’t even cry or anything, no bruises or bumps, no marks or noticeable changes in her behaviour, it all seems ok but I can’t help panicking anyway! Man…I feel awful, I can’t even describe it!

Gosh I really hate this part of being a parent, the constant worry that your child is or isn’t ok, the constant worry that there are things that can harm O- how do you parents handle this????


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