Lunching at the Lakehouse

Hey guys, so I know it’s been a hot minute, with all the difficulties in my pregnancy its been hard to manage life in general but now with the 1st trimester over i’m back at it! With lots to come as well so i’m very excited about it all – #WatchThisSpace!


The weekend before last I had the opportunity to go to an amazing lunch with Pink lady Apples, cooked by Mulunda at the beautiful Lake house Tigoni. The food was paired with Henricks Gin  of which of course I did not partake in but I did have virgin cocktils which were delish! Thanks for incorporating me guys 🙂  Here is a bit of what went down;

The day started with a short drive up to the Lakehouse, I think it took us around 30 mins to get there, mind you there was no traffic and the road was so lovely and scenic. I also had the pleasure of being driven by Soni so maybe it didn’t seem that long because time flies when your having fun 😉  Hadn’t seen her in a hot minute either so we spent the time catching up.  P.s If you haven’t, you NEED to go check her out, she’s a foodie with an awesome page and she gives real time reviews of the places she visits so ya…go make your way over to her page…but after this, go there after you read this 😉


We pulled up to an amazing location and just look at that setup! I don’t really think there is anything for me to say about it, I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT!

I haven’t seen a lot of these foodie friends in a long time, it was such a great catch up for me. I really enjoyed everyones company as well as just generally getting back into a social gathering setting with food, drinks and great ambiance. Because of how hard the first trimester has been, I really didn’t do too much in terms of socialising, even work had to take a back seat at one point because I just couldn’t manage at all so this was all really nice for me! Bonus that it was such an amazing event as well, it was fate!

P.s Pictured above: Kari, myself, Sheila, Soni, Jayson, Jacqui, Kaluhi & Mulunda – ALL AMAZING FOODIES & people :p- Check their pages out!

Now, lets talk food! MY GAWDDDDD that food! I have been wanting to taste Mulunda’s cooking for quite a while so you can imagine that when I was invited to this event, I was more than excited! Every dish spoke to me and especially now being pregnant that rarely happens, but man there was not one dish I didn’t thoroughly enjoy & clear! I wish I was as knowledgable as Susan Wong when it comes to describing the dishes, what flavours I tasted, the textures and all that good stuff, but unfortunately i’m not so all i’ll leave you with is “DAMN! THAT FOOD WAS FIREEEEEE!!!”


One of my favourite parts of the day was exploring the beautiful grounds with Olive and her God Mother Soni, watching them bond and all,  it was so sweet! It’s moments like these that really make my heart full, seeing my baby girl so loved is all a mother could ever ask for, thanks for being such a good God Mother, Soni!

Well, that’s it from me, its quite a quick recap of the day I know but really theres not much for me to say because I think the pictures speak for themselves! Don’t forget to check out all these lovely places and foodies, promise you will thank me for it later 😉

Till Next time guys! (Which will be VERY SOON…YAY!)


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